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NeoMed Announces Publication of Patent for Color-Matching Enteral Safety System

Woodstock, GA – April 30, 2013 – NeoMed is proud to announce the publi­ca­tion of their United States Patent US 8,430,865 Enteral Safety System and Methods. NeoMed’s color matching ESS tech­nology is funda­mental in providing patient protec­tion from common miscon­nec­tion errors in the NICU/PICU. As cited by the Joint Commission, FDA, ASPEN, and the ADA, color coor­di­na­tion within compo­nents of an enteral system creates a visual reminder that color-matched devices func­tion as enteral, and not vascular, systems. Furthermore, the patented NeoMed system main­tains color matching in a number of different clin­ical settings in both gravity feeds and syringe pump appli­ca­tions.