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NeoMed Prepares to Meet ISMP’s Best Practice Recommendations

Woodstock, GA – March 24, 2014 – The Institute for Safe Medication Practice (ISMP) published their 2014-15 Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices for Hospitals in January 2014.  ISMP states the goal of Best Practice #5 is to “use liquid medica­tion dosing devices that only display volume using the metric scale (mL)”.  ISMP cites the poten­tial for medica­tion measure­ment mix-ups and hopes to reduce that risk by issuing their Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices.

In response to this best prac­tice recom­men­da­tion, NeoMed has removed all teaspoon gradient mark­ings from their Pharmacy Oral Dispenser line. NeoMed plans to have the new Pharmacy Oral Dispensers with milliliter-only mark­ings ready for delivery in May for small volumes (less than 12 mL) and June for large volumes (20 mL – 60 mL).

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