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GEDSA Statement on Adoption of ENFit in California, and NeoMed’s Loyalty Program

Purple NeoConnect Transfer LidAs hospi­tals engage in the plan­ning process, they are looking at strong supplier part­ner­ships to ensure a successful Go-Live. The NeoMed Loyalty Program was designed in response to the GEDSA Position Statement to provide customers the strategic guid­ance to miti­gate their risk during this change. The essence of the program is to help customers navi­gate through the entire conver­sion process; not limited to a product specific tran­si­tion.

From GEDSA’s February state­ment:

“The conver­sion to the ENFit connector system impacts the entire enteral feeding system across all health care settings. To avoid disrup­tion of therapy, a careful and method­ical tran­si­tion to new connec­tors is recom­mended over the course of 2016 across the United States. Introduction of ENFit may vary depending on your supplier(s) timing. GEDSA encour­ages manu­fac­turers to intro­duce, and health­care facil­i­ties to adopt ENFit tip syringes and feeding tubes in the first half of 2016 to meet the California mandate. GEDSA and its supporting orga­ni­za­tions strongly suggest you work with your supplier repre­sen­ta­tive and distrib­utor network to under­stand their specific plans for conver­sion. In partic­ular, you must confirm that your syringe supplier has adequate supply of syringes before you convert to ENFit feeding tubes.”

Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA). Guidance on Adoption of ISO 80369-3 Standard ENFit™ Connectors in California. February 2016.

Over 7000 hospi­tals, as well as thou­sands of home­care, alter­nate care and phar­macy facil­i­ties in the US, Canada and Europe expect reli­able ENFit suppliers dedi­cated to preserving and enhancing patient care through improved outcomes. NeoMed’s unique under­standing of the special­ized needs of the neonatal/pediatric patient and phar­macy allows us to provide a compre­hen­sive approach that meets both clin­ical and supply chain needs, while offering a cost compet­i­tive solu­tion. NeoMed prod­ucts mini­mize process disrup­tions by recog­nizing the need to preserve effi­cacy, safety and conti­nuity of proto­cols.
NeoMed offers existing customers “The NeoMed Loyalty Program” to help iden­tify hospital staff training needs, estab­lish and review process proto­cols, and ensure supply chain integrity before conver­sion. This program aligns customer supply needs and planned Go-Live dates with our NeoConnect family of ENFit prod­ucts. The NeoMed Guarantee assures supply of our NeoConnect prod­ucts but is limited to active customers with an accepted Go Live date.

NeoMed boasts:

• A complete phar­macy to NICU product line
• Guaranteed avail­ability for current customers
• Transition to NeoConnect based on the hospital’s time­line
• NeoMed track record of over 99% on-time product delivery rate

For more infor­ma­tion on the NeoMed Loyalty Program, click here.

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