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HealthTrust Purchasing Group Supply Agreement Now Includes NeoConnect, NeoMed’s Line of ENFit Products

NeoMed is excited to announce the release of a revised supply agree­ment with HealthTrust Purchasing Group (GPO) that now includes NeoConnect™, NeoMed’s new line of ENFit™ prod­ucts for both Pharmacy and Pediatric settings.

Under the revised agree­ment #HPG-6667 (see attached) effec­tive November 15, 2015, HealthTrust Purchasing Group members now have access to NeoMed’s entire line of ENFit prod­ucts for both phar­macy and NICU. Our ENFit product avail­ability through HPG is essen­tial for Acute Care and Alternate Care facil­i­ties seeking ENFit solu­tions that comply with the GEDSA Position Statement (May 2015) recom­men­da­tions.

NeoMed’s product line with ENFit™ connector’s release is sched­uled in accor­dance with GEDSA’s time­lines for the first half of 2016. All NeoConnect™ prod­ucts feature ENFit™ compliant or compat­ible connec­tors. All NeoConnect™ prod­ucts in our Pharmacy and Enteral Delivery fami­lies will be avail­able in the market­place on schedule. This includes Pharmacy Syringes, Pharmacy Bottle Caps, the DoseMate™ Oral Administration Tip, Syringe Coupler, Feeding Tubes, Extension Sets, Sterile Enteral Syringes, NeoSecure™ Self-Righting Tip Caps, and Hub Cleaning Tool. NeoMed’s “low dose solu­tion” will be avail­able in syringe sizes from 0.5 mL, 1 mL, 3 mL, and 6 mL.

GEDSA’s “Position Statement in Support of ISO 80396-3” (May 2015) outlines a protocol that supports using ENFit™ connec­tions in all stages of filling, plunger oper­a­tion, and dispensing when using ENFit™ syringes. NeoMed offers the only compre­hen­sive product line from Pharmacy ENFit™ filling devices to bedside ENFit™ dispensing devices that meets these recom­men­da­tions.

When preparing for an early 2016 ENFit™ adop­tion, NeoMed encour­ages plan­ning and collab­o­ra­tion with your local NeoMed repre­sen­ta­tive to help ensure a timely and seam­less tran­si­tion. For any ques­tions or feed­back, please contact NeoMed at or call 770-516-2225.

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