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ISMP Issues Statement on BD ENFit Exit

NeoMed is founded on the prin­ci­ples of patient safety and evidence based clin­ical outcomes. As a strong advo­cate of patient safety, we have supported the ISO 80369-3 stan­dard for many years and have been instru­mental in devel­oping a low dose syringe tip design that has been accepted by GEDSA members. We support a common connector stan­dard which bene­fits all end users by providing uniform enteral access across all heath provider networks.

ISMP Medication Safety Alert April 2016 Thumbnail_Page_1ISMP issued a Medical Safety Alert in April that states:
We fear that the devel­op­ment of a second (and noncom­pat­ible) syringe will bring confu­sion to health systems and possible inven­tory disrup­tions at a time when hospi­tals have been preparing for a tran­si­tion to ENFit syringes and feeding tubes. This tran­si­tion must occur soon in California health systems. A California law requires that, as of July 1, 2016, health systems in the state are not permitted to use enteral devices that connect with unre­lated systems (e.g., a Luer). Availability of ENFit syringes is immi­nent. The BD action is counter to what we had hoped would happen—a single, new enteral system to prevent catheter mix-ups with vascular lines. While either of the new devices will accom­plish this, it is also predictable that there will be compat­i­bility prob­lems when patients transfer from one health­care provider to another, or when they are admitted to a hospital with an existing enteral feeding system different than that used by the hospital.”

NeoMed’s inno­v­a­tive family of neonatal, pedi­atric, and phar­macy ENFit prod­ucts supports GEDSA and the world­wide ENFit initia­tive. Our prod­ucts and tran­si­tion programs embrace and enhance our legacy, providing prod­ucts to help improve clin­ical outcomes, mini­mize process changes, and help meet cost contain­ment objec­tives. NeoMed plans to have our NeoConnect NICU and Pharmacy prod­ucts and acces­sories avail­able by the California dead­line, pending FDA 510(k) clear­ance.

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