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NeoMed Announces 60 Hospital ENFit Commitments with “GO LIVE” Transitions to Begin August 2016

Since receiving FDA 510(k) clear­ance in June for our ENFit® Low Dose Tip design, NeoMed, Inc. has received commit­ments for imme­diate conver­sion from over 60 hospi­tals nation­wide to tran­si­tion to our NeoConnect Pharmacy and Enteral ENFit solu­tions. Conversions are underway. The first hospital tran­si­tion is a leading Children’s Hospital, likely the first acute care facility in the United States to complete a tran­si­tion to ENFit. NeoMed’s charter ENFit customer will be utilizing the NeoConnect solu­tion as an inte­grated single-source solu­tion for both Pharmacy and PICU/NICU.

Internationally, clin­i­cians at the first known European hospital using the NeoMed NeoConnect system (syringes, feeding tubes, and exten­sion sets) have said “[We] are very happy with the NeoConnect range and are extremely impressed by the level of support and training we have received/are receiving.”

In the February 2016 GEDSA Position Statement, “GEDSA and its supporting orga­ni­za­tions strongly suggest [facil­i­ties] work with…supplier representative[s] and distrib­utor network[s] to under­stand their specific plans for conver­sion.” As a result of our collab­o­ra­tive focus, NeoMed has earned the support of many early ENFit adopters. These efforts will allow us to share their collec­tive clin­ical expe­ri­ences with part­ners across the world. Important tran­si­tion consid­er­a­tions include staff inser­vicing, medica­tion dosing processes, feeding tube main­te­nance proto­cols, as well as clin­ical patient care proce­dures.

Please consult your local NeoMed Representative for further details.

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