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NeoMed Announces Successful “GO LIVE” Transitions to ENFit

NeoMed, Inc. is pleased to announce the first hospital network in the United States has success­fully tran­si­tioned to NeoMed’s NeoConnect™ family of ENFit prod­ucts in California. Each facility (including a Children’s Hospital) is “live” using NeoMed’s compre­hen­sive solu­tion including the recently FDA 510(k) cleared Low Dose Tip Syringe for the admin­is­tra­tion of oral medica­tions and Enteral Feedings in the NICU/PICU. NeoMed’s NeoConnect solu­tion is being used exclu­sively in each facility.

Since receiving FDA 510(k) clear­ance in June 2016 for our ENFit® Low Dose Tip design, NeoMed, Inc. has received commit­ments for imme­diate conver­sion from over 60 hospi­tals nation­wide to tran­si­tion to our NeoConnect Pharmacy and Enteral ENFit solu­tions. Only NeoMed has both the product avail­ability and expe­ri­ence to support a successful tran­si­tion to ENFit. Our inte­grated solu­tion meets both clin­ical and supply chain require­ments.

NeoMed has devel­oped a number of programs designed to help hospi­tals navi­gate through this global tran­si­tion including the “NeoMed Loyalty Program.” This program helps to iden­tify hospital staff training needs, estab­lish and review process proto­cols, and ensure supply chain integrity before conver­sion.

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