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NeoMed Announces over 40 Global Successful Hospital Transitions to ENFit

For much of the past decade, the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA) has been devel­oping new design stan­dards for small bore connec­tors to reduce the like­li­hood of miscon­nec­tions. As of July 2016, the FDA’s 510(k) clear­ance of NeoMed’s ENFit Low Dose Tip design has effec­tively removed all regu­la­tory obsta­cles remaining for distri­b­u­tion and imple­men­ta­tion of ENFit (ISO 80369-3 compliant devices) into the acute and alter­nate care market­place.

NeoMed, Inc. is pleased to announce that over 40 hospi­tals in the United States and Europe have success­fully tran­si­tioned to NeoMed’s NeoConnect™ family of ENFit prod­ucts, caring for a wide patient popu­la­tion from adults to neonates in a variety of clin­ical settings from Children’s to Community Hospitals. NeoMed’s NeoConnect prod­ucts are designed to comply with the rigid require­ments of the new safety stan­dard while mini­mizing change to current processes, proto­cols, and poli­cies.

Now that a signif­i­cant number of hospi­tals have success­fully tran­si­tioned to ENFit, NeoMed and other industry experts believe that the tran­si­tion of over 7,000 U.S. hospi­tals will gain momentum in 2017.   For this reason, NeoMed has devel­oped several programs designed to help navi­gate through this global conver­sion including the “NeoMed Transition Program.” This program helps to iden­tify hospital staff training needs, estab­lish and review process proto­cols, and ensure supply chain integrity before conver­sion.

NeoMed develops inno­v­a­tive enteral collec­tion and delivery prod­ucts supporting the special­ized feeding and medica­tion dosing needs of the low birth weight, neonatal and pedi­atric patient.  We are committed to improve patient outcomes through product designs that meet safety, clin­ical, and regu­la­tory guide­lines while supporting cost contain­ment objec­tives.

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