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Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region NICU First in Canada to Use ENFit

After three years of research, collab­o­ra­tion and deter­mi­na­tion, the RGH NICU is the first unit in Canada to start using the ENFit line– a feeding system improving the quality and safety of care provided to neonates.

Tamara Dickin and Charlene Huber-Flahr, NICU CNEs and Tom Sorensen NICU/SCN Manager spent three years researching and collab­o­rating to make this change.Historically, the region used IV equip­ment for neonates requiring tube feeding, which meant the possi­bility for milk to enter the blood­stream or for intra­venous drugs to be acci­dently admin­is­tered orally.

“While we’ve never had an error where a neonate was fed intra­venous drugs or vice versa, it’s always impor­tant to ensure the high quality, safe care of our patients. We know errors have occurred else­where in the country and wanted to ensure we avoided that at all costs,” said Tamara Dickin, clin­ical nurse educator in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit.

What is ENFit?

The ENFit system utilizes small-bore connec­tors to ensure no unre­lated delivery systems, like an IV containing medica­tion, can be connected to the milk delivery system.
What makes the ENFit feeding system safer is it’s unique small-bore connec­tors that ensure no unre­lated delivery systems, like an IV containing medica­tion, can be connected to the milk delivery system.

“This switch means we are reducing the risk of miscon­nec­tions and wrong route errors,” said. “And, the NICU nurses were eager and easily able to adapt to the new system.”

The region is also ahead of an upcoming change in the legis­la­tion.

“The ENFit system meets ISO 80369 series of global stan­dards, a new set of stan­dards that all will soon be legis­lated to follow,” Dickin said

These stan­dards specify the dimen­sions and require­ments for the design and func­tional perfor­mance of tube feeding (enteral) devices and acces­sories. These global stan­dards are being imple­mented to mini­mize the risk of acci­dental miscon­nec­tions feeding systems to other small-bore connec­tors, such as IV lines, resulting in patient harm.

With the support of Gary Szocstak from McArthur Medical and Kevin Maki of NeoMed, the tran­si­tion to the new system went smoothly,” said Dickin. “The NICU staff strive to provide the most safe and profi­cient care to the neonates and fami­lies. We are proud that our efforts in pursuing the ENFit line have become a reality.”

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