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Transition Adapters for ENFit Syringes Can Defeat the Purpose of ENFit Itself

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), an orga­ni­za­tion devoted to medica­tion error preven­tion, released its posi­tion that tran­si­tion adapters for ENFit® syringes can defeat the purpose of ENFit itself.

Hospitals that have not yet fully tran­si­tioned to ENFit are receiving ENFit admin­is­tra­tion sets with tran­si­tion adapters. According to this posi­tion state­ment, improper use of tran­si­tion adapters can cause choking hazards, allow for the risk of inad­ver­tent IV injec­tion of oral liquids, and can cause inac­cu­rate liquid dosing of small volume liquids in patients.

ISMP issued a Medication Safety Alert in September that states:

“ISMP stands behind the need for full conver­sion to ENFit devices to reduce the risk of acci­dental connec­tion of syringes and admin­is­tra­tion sets meant for other routes of admin­is­tra­tion. Transition adapters for feeding tubes must be consid­ered a tempo­rary measure only. Adapters for syringes add risk, espe­cially when the adapter allows compat­i­bility between Luer-tip syringes that should never be used for preparing or admin­is­tering oral liquids or suspen­sions. As soon as possible, full conver­sion should occur to feeding tubes and admin­is­tra­tion sets that use only inte­grated ENFit connec­tors. In the mean­time, all risks, even if tempo­rary, should be fully explained and outlined to staff.”

NeoMed President, Aaron Ingram, stated, “Some manu­fac­turers appear to be posi­tioning these ENFit tran­si­tion connec­tors as long-term product offer­ings. As a result, the use of ENFit tran­si­tion connec­tors poten­tially rein­tro­duces the risk of miscon­nec­tion, chal­lenging the spirit of ISO 80369-3:2016, and compro­mising compli­ance with The Joint Commission Sentinel Alert recom­men­da­tions. NeoMed’s NeoConnect® family of ENFit prod­ucts provides an inte­grated ISO 80369-3:2016 solu­tion without depending on ENFit tran­si­tion connec­tors, poten­tial unex­pected volume losses, and other unan­tic­i­pated conse­quences.”

NeoMed develops inno­v­a­tive enteral collec­tion and delivery prod­ucts supporting the special­ized feeding and medica­tion dosing needs of the low birth weight, neonatal, and pedi­atric patients.  We are committed to improve patient outcomes through product designs that meet safety, clin­ical, and regu­la­tory guide­lines while supporting cost contain­ment objec­tives.

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