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Four of the Top Five Best U.S. Children’s Hospitals Use NeoMed Products

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked the fifty leading U.S. children’s hospi­tals special­izing in pedi­atric neona­tology in their annual Best Children’s Hospitals rank­ings report. NeoMed® is proud to report that four of the top five highest-ranked pedi­atric neona­tology hospi­tals in the U.S. rely on NeoMed prod­ucts to deliver nutri­tion to the most fragile patients.

The fifty pedi­atric centers were ranked for care of fragile newborns. The scores consisted of data, including breast milk at discharge, 30-day read­mis­sion and patient volume, along with other data from a clin­ical survey of children’s hospi­tals. The remaining portion of the score was based on nomi­na­tions and recom­men­da­tions from pedi­atric special­ists.

NeoMed’s Vice President of Business Development, Marc Waldman, stated, “Our ENFit® and Legacy product port­fo­lios are metic­u­lously designed with specific features in place to help improve the outcome of the neonatal patient. We design our prod­ucts with the tiniest, most fragile patient in mind, and I believe that this concept continues to resonate with NICU depart­ments and phar­ma­cies around the world.”

Founded in 2007, NeoMed develops inno­v­a­tive enteral collec­tion and delivery prod­ucts supporting the special­ized feeding and medica­tion dosing needs of the low birth weight, neonatal, and pedi­atric patients.  We are committed to improve patient outcomes through product designs that meet safety, clin­ical, and regu­la­tory guide­lines while supporting cost contain­ment objec­tives.


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