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NeoMed® Introduces the NeoConnect® DoseMate® DL for Direct Oral Administration with ENFit® Syringes


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Woodstock, GA – NeoMed is pleased to announce the launch of the new NeoConnect DoseMate DL (Directional Long) – an inno­v­a­tive and ergonomic solu­tion for gentle, direct oral medica­tion admin­is­tra­tion with an ENFit syringe. This new, patent-pending phar­macy acces­sory is ideal for dosing oral medica­tions directly to the patient’s cheek or back of the mouth.

The soft, pliable cannula features a smooth, rounded tip, which is optimal when admin­is­tering oral medica­tion into a patient’s mouth. Not only does the inven­tive design miti­gate concerns over placing threaded syringe tips into a patient’s mouth, it also provides patient comfort during direct oral admin­is­tra­tion without intro­ducing a choking hazard.1

Dosing accu­racy is a key compo­nent of the DoseMate DL design. Similar to its DoseMate coun­ter­part, the DoseMate DL mini­mizes priming volume and helps prevent fluid accu­mu­la­tion in the syringe’s moat, which complies with the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association’s (GEDSA) August 2016 posi­tion state­ment.

Ben Davis, Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, said, “Not only does the DoseMate DL satisfy a clin­ical need not previ­ously addressed with other ENFit systems, but it also repre­sents an improve­ment in care compared to what was avail­able with legacy systems.”

“The addi­tion of the DoseMate DL to our ENFit acces­sories port­folio contributes to our mission of supporting the special­ized feeding and medica­tion dosing needs of the low birth weight, neonatal, and pedi­atric patient popu­la­tions. We are very pleased to release a new product focused on patient comfort, while following clin­ical best prac­tices. The DoseMate DL is yet another effec­tive acces­sory that will help mini­mize protocol changes for clin­i­cians as the global tran­si­tion to ENFit continues,” stated NeoMed President, Aaron Ingram.

For ordering infor­ma­tion, contact your local sales repre­sen­ta­tive, visit, or call 888-876-2225.


About NeoMed, Inc.

Founded in 2007, NeoMed develops inno­v­a­tive enteral collec­tion and delivery prod­ucts supporting the special­ized feeding and medica­tion dosing needs of the low birth weight, neonatal, and pedi­atric patients. With more than 140 successful ENFit tran­si­tions repre­senting over 10 million admin­is­tered feed and medica­tion doses, NeoMed is committed to improve patient outcomes through product designs that meet safety, clin­ical, and regu­la­tory guide­lines while supporting cost-containment objec­tives.



1Method For Identifying Toys and Other Articles Intended For Use By Children Under 3 Years Of Age Which Present Choking, Aspiration, Or Ingestion Hazards Because Of Small Parts