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NeoMed 100 mL Syringe Now Characterized for Use in the Medfusion® v6 3500 Enteral Ready Pump

Woodstock, GA – NeoMed is pleased to announce it has added the 100 mL syringe to its port­folio of char­ac­ter­ized syringes for use in the Medfusion v6 3500 Enteral Ready Pump. NeoMed’s 100 mL syringe and the Medfusion Enteral Ready Pump are designed to serve as a single solu­tion for the higher volume nutri­tion delivery needs of NICU and PICU patients.

With the addi­tion of the newly char­ac­ter­ized 100 mL syringe, NeoMed now offers 65 syringe config­u­ra­tions in sizes ranging from 6 mL to 100 mL for use in the Medfusion Enteral Ready Pump. The 100 mL syringe has signif­i­cantly lower priming volume compared to giving sets used with bags and may help reduce the number of syringes needed to admin­ister a single large volume feed. Furthermore, the 100 mL features an off-center tip, solid polypropy­lene plunger, and hands-free tip cap, designed to help maxi­mize nutri­tion delivery while enhancing aseptic tech­nique.

NeoMed has part­nered with Smiths Medical to provide an enteral ready pump. Once installed, the NeoMed Enteral Library can be used for both Legacy and NeoConnect® syringes. This enteral pump solu­tion adheres to The Joint Commission’s recom­men­da­tion, which states, “Use distinctly different pumps for IV appli­ca­tions” and “Do not use IV tubing or pumps for enteral feeding.” Orange and purple face­plate options are avail­able to color coor­di­nate with NeoMed’s Enteral Safety System, offering visual distinc­tion from common parenteral or IV lines.

Vice President of Business Development, Marc Waldman, stated, “Optimal nutri­tion delivery always remains at the fore­front of our product design. It is our hope that the 100 mL syringe will replace costly feeding bags that may not deliver maximum macronu­tri­ents, micronu­tri­ents, and lipids to the patients that need them most.”

Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, Ben Davis, said, “We are so pleased to now offer the largest enteral syringe that is avail­able for use with Medfusion pumps.  Previously, 60 mL was the largest volume that could be admin­is­tered on a Medfusion pump using a single syringe. Now, a volume of up to 100 mL can be admin­is­tered with a single syringe on the same pump. This supports improved patient outcomes and eases work­flow for the clin­i­cians providing care to these patients.”

For ordering infor­ma­tion, contact your NeoMed regional account manager, visit, or call 888-876-2225.


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Founded in 2007, NeoMed develops inno­v­a­tive enteral collec­tion and delivery prod­ucts supporting the special­ized feeding and medica­tion dosing needs of the low birth weight, neonatal, and pedi­atric patients. With 148 successful ENFit tran­si­tions repre­senting over 15 million admin­is­tered feed and medica­tion doses, NeoMed is committed to improve patient outcomes through product designs that meet safety, clin­ical, and regu­la­tory guide­lines while supporting cost-containment objec­tives.