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Cleaning Tool

The NeoConnect feeding tube floorless hub design used with our cleaning tool helps mitigate bacterial colonization and reduce debris accumulation.

  • Cleaning tool rotates 360° allowing two brushes to clean the inner perimeter of the threads
  • Lumen plug blocks feeding tube opening during the cleaning process
  • Slots allow access to brushes so that the cleaning tool can be used with cleaning agents (distilled water, saline, etc.) as prescribed by hospital proto­cols

"Proximal end of feeding tube…will need periodic cleaning to remove medication and formula debris. Suggest a brush like toothbrush or bottle brush and warm water daily and PRN for tubes."

October 2015 ASPEN Recommendation on Cleaning the FT Proximal Tube End

NeoConnect’s open hub design and the associated cleaning tool assist clinicians in the care and maintenance of ENFit feeding tube hubs and their threaded connectors.

Bacterial growth from HBM can occur within four hours. The inability to effec­tively clean hubs and connec­tors between uses may increase the risk of bacte­rial cont­a­m­i­na­tion and may require adjusting feeding tube proto­cols.

The ability to visu­alize the hub and remove residual debris from recesses helps mini­mize changes to legacy dwell time proto­cols. NICU clin­i­cians should only consider ENFit systems that can be effec­tively cleaned to help preserve existing feeding tube indwelling proto­cols, which can be up 30 days for some devices.

ENFit Compatible NeoConnect Cleaning Tool


Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
810253 PNM-CA Cleaning Utensil, NeoConnect, Sterile, Purple 24
21018 CLK-1 Cleaning Tool Kit with 5 mL Sterile Water and Gauze Pad 48
Cleaning Tool Inservice Poster