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NeoMed’s innovative DoseMate and DoseMate DL provides an ergonomic mechanical solution for gentle direct oral administration with an ENFit syringe

  • Mitigates concerns over placing threaded syringe tips or safety tabs directly into a patient's mouth
  • Ergonomically designed for patient comfort during direct oral admin­is­tra­tion without intro­ducing a choking hazard as per 16CFR§1501*
  • Provides an easy device solu­tion that follows the August 2016 GEDSA Guidance Document recom­men­da­tion to clear out the LDT syringe “moat” (the area between the male lumen and the outer ring that lies outside of the fluid path)

*Method For Identifying Toys And Other Articles Intended For Use By Children Under 3 Years Of Age Which Present Choking, Aspiration, Or Ingestion Hazards Because Of Small Parts


Nipple style device allows for improved patient accep­tance during direct oral admin­is­tra­tion

DoseMate DL

The DoseMate DL (Directional Long) is ideal for dosing oral meds directly to the cheek or back of the mouth

"…the syringe user should remove fluid that lies outside of the fluid path. The area between the male lumen and the outer ring (the “moat”) is not part of the fluid path and should be free of fluid."

Global Enteral Device Supplier Association. GEDSA Position Statement Supporting ENFit® Low Dose Tip Syringe. August 2016.

ENFit Compatible DoseMate and DoseMate DL

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
810105 POA-TNC DoseMate, ENFit Syringe Compatible (Sterile, Purple) Tray Product 50
810104 POA-TNCL DoseMate DL, Long, ENFit Syringe Compatible (Sterile, Purple) 24
DoseMate Instructions for Use
DoseMate DL Instructions for Use