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Vented Syringes

Closed system admin­is­tra­tion is the accepted clin­ical stan­dard for the delivery of enteral feeds. Yet, the typical gravity feeding process is to use a stan­dard syringe barrel and remove the plunger to facil­i­tate flow. This method exposes the nutri­tion to open air, breaching the closed system stan­dard.

NeoMed is committed to compli­ance with best prac­tice recom­men­da­tions from ASPEN, ADA, and the Joint Commission, which promote aseptic tech­nique and the use of a closed system when possible. NeoMed’s line of GravityPro Oral/Enteral (Legacy and ENFit®) Syringes offers an optimal and easy-to-use clin­ical solu­tion for gravity feeds.

  • Facilitates a nearly closed system and enhances aseptic tech­nique by allowing the plunger to remain in the barrel during gravity feeds
  • Eliminates the need for awkward and non-aseptic cello­phane cover­ings
  • Flat polypropy­lene plunger and sili­cone O-ring gasket for maximum nutri­tion delivery
  • Ideal for gravity and pump feeds
100 mL GravityPro on Pump
GravityPro syringes are char­ac­ter­ized in the Medfusion 3500 v6
and ABC 4100 pumps
20 mL GravityPro Hanger
20 mL GravityPro features an
expand­able loop for easy hanging
100 mL Fenestration

100 mL GravityPro features a large and small fenes­tra­tion for use on any pole

Vent Zone

Vented design mini­mizes expo­sure to air by allowing venting to occur while the plunger is still in place

Orange Sterile Vented ENFit Syringes

Item # Product Code Size Units per Case
810009 NM-S20NCV 20 mL 100
810008 NM-S100NCV 100 mL 40

Purple Sterile Vented ENFit Syringes

Item # Product Code Size Units per Case
811009 PNM-S20NCV 20 mL 100
811008 PNM-S100NCV 100 mL 40
Vented NeoConnect Syringe for ENFit Instructions for Use
GravityPro Sheet