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Lumbar Puncture Trays

When aseptic work-up is necessary, NeoMed Lumbar Puncture Kits and Needles are the answer.

  • Quinke style needle constructed with a clear hub for visu­al­iza­tion
  • Four spec­imen vials
  • Compact tray

Lumbar Puncture Trays

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
LK74100 LK2210 Lumbar Puncture Tray, 22 ga, 1" needle 5
LK74101 LK2215 Lumbar Puncture Tray, 22 ga, 1.5" needle 5
LN74001 LN2210 22 ga, 1" LP needle 5
LN74002 LN2215 22 ga, 1.5" LP needle 5
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