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NeoDrape (Item #ND)

The NeoDrape is a sterile 24 x 24” wrap used to swaddle the newborn patient during delivery through stabi­liza­tion to main­tain proper ther­moreg­u­la­tion while mini­mizing mois­ture loss. Sterile pack­aging allows wrap to be placed in sterile field for imme­diate use during delivery.

  • Designed to mini­mize rapid heat loss from the head
  • Cost effec­tive
  • Manufactured medical grade poly­eth­ylene
  • Allows for coverage from the back of the head through the top of the head held firm by a cap
NeoDrape Instructions

Fenestrated NeoDrape (Item #ND-FS)

The Fenestrated 24 x 30” NeoDrape is designed for use during sterile proce­dures including PICC, UAC/UVC inser­tions, and “cut-downs."

  • Fenestration allows for easy place­ment and removal over surgical site
  • Adhesive strips on both sides allow for easy secure­ment to drop side bassinet
  • Used during sterile proce­dures

“Studies have shown that using a plastic wrap made of poly­eth­ylene in babies imme­di­ately before or after drying can further mini­mize evap­o­ra­tive and convec­tive heat losses.”

Bissinger, Robin L., and David J. Annibale. “Thermoregulation in Very Low-Birth-Weight Infants During the Golden Hour.” Advances in Neonatal Care 10.5 (2010): 234.

“DCC in prema­ture infants is asso­ci­ated with poten­tially bene­fi­cial hemo­dy­namic changes over the first days of life.”

Sommers, R., B. S. Stonestreet, W. Oh, A. Laptook, T. D. Yanowitz, C. Raker, and J. Mercer. “Hemodynamic Effects of Delayed Cord Clamping in Premature Infants.” Pediatrics. 129.3 (2011): E667.

“Use poly­eth­ylene plastic wrap for babies deliv­ered at less than 29 weeks’ gesta­tion (or 28 weeks and less). Use a sheet of plastic food wrap, a food­grade 1-gallon plastic bag, or a commer­cially avail­able sheet of poly­eth­ylene plastic.”

Neonatal Resuscitation Program. “NRP 2011: Raising the Bar for Providers and Instructors.” American Academy of Pediatrics. (2011): 4.

“Place a sterile drape under­neath and above the inser­tion area. Cover as much of the infant as can be safely done while ensuring the ability of adequate obser­va­tion.”

Pettit, Janet, and Mary M. Wyckoff. Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters: Guideline for Practice. 2nd ed. Glenview, IL: National Association of Neonatal Nurses, 2007. 25.


NeoDrapes are indi­vid­u­ally pack­aged in sterile pouches and the Fenestrated NeoDrape is also a compo­nent of our catheter­i­za­tion trays.

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
ND76100 ND NeoDrape Occlusive Drape/Wrap 50
ND76101 ND-FS NeoDrape Occlusive Fenestrated Drape/Wrap 40

These prod­ucts are not CE Marked and are not avail­able for sale in Europe.

NeoDrape Sales Sheet
NeoDrape Instructions for Use
Fenestrated NeoDrape Instructions for Use