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Pharmacy Syringes

NeoMed’s Pharmacy Oral Dispensers are avail­able in sizes 0.5 mL to 60 mL, in clear dispensers with purple gradient mark­ings and amber dispensers with white gradient mark­ings.

Amber Pharmacy Syringe Gradients
Distinct gradient mark­ings and bold numbers provide visual clarity
NeoMed Syringe O Ring and Plunger
The rigid O-ring plunger design is the preferred option for smooth and accu­rate delivery

According to the July 2016 GEDSA Guidance Document, “to ensure small volume dosing accu­racy, syringe sizes of 5 mL or smaller may require an ENFit Low Dose Tip Syringe design.” NeoMed meets the GEDSA recom­men­da­tion for small volume dosing accu­racy with a full range of NeoConnect Low Dose Tip ENFit Syringes from 0.5 mL to 6 mL.

“This design has been validated demonstrating the ability to deliver an accurate dose consistent with current practice with 95% confidence, fits appropriately into current practice and maintains compatibility with other ENFit devices.”

0.5 mL Pharmacy Syringe provides visibility and control of smaller doses, with a 10% longer stroke compared to other brands.

The 0.5 mL syringe is valu­able when dosing small volumes where accu­racy is impor­tant.

Each 0.01 mL gradient has measur­able sepa­ra­tion from the next gradient facil­i­tating accu­rate measuring of volumes.

Available in amber with white gradient markings and clear with purple gradient markings.

Sterile amber syringes are avail­able for in-house sterile compounding. NeoMed amber syringes block 63% of light from wave­length 290 – 450 nm.

NeoMed Pharmacy Oral Dispensers only display the metric scale (milliliters) for medication measurement, which aligns with the Best Practice #5 Guideline issued by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices

“Oral liquid dosing devices that only display the metric scale should be used. In addition, if patients are taking an oral liquid medication after discharge, supply them with (or provide a prescription for) oral syringes, to enable them to measure oral liquid volumes in mL.”

2018-19 ISMP Targeted Medication Safety Best Practices for Hospitals. Institute for Safe Medication Practices. 2014–15 Targeted medica­tion safety best prac­tices for hospi­tals.

Amber Sterile Pharmacy Syringes

Item # Product Code Size Units per Case
816170 BA-S1NC-S 1 mL 200
816171 BA-S3NC-S 3 mL 200
816172 BA-S6NC-S 6 mL 200
816173 BA-S12NC-S 12 mL 200

Amber Bulk Pharmacy Syringes

Item # Product Code Size Units per Case
816069 BA-S05NC 0.5 mL 500
816070 BA-S1NC 1 mL 500
816071 BA-S3NC 3 mL 500
816072 BA-S6NC 6 mL 500
816073 BA-S12NC 12 mL 500
816074 BA-S20NC 20 mL 200
816075 BA-S35NC 35 mL 200
816076 BA-S60NC 60 mL 200

Purple Bulk Packaged ENFit Syringes

Item # Product Code Size Units per Case
818077 BP-S05NC 0.5 mL 500
818078 BP-S1NC 1 mL 500
818079 BP-S3NC 3 mL 500
818080 BP-S6NC 6 mL 500
818081 BP-S12NC 12 mL 500
818082 BP-S20NC 20 mL 200
818083 BP-S35NC 35 mL 200
818084 BP-S60NC 60 mL 200
NeoConnect Pharmacy Syringes for ENFit Instructions for Use