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Your California Privacy Rights

Privacy Statement  - California

This PRIVACY STATEMENT FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS applies to all consumers residing in the State of California whose personal infor­ma­tion is collected by NeoMed, Inc.  NeoMed, Inc. (doing busi­ness as NeoMed®) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avanos Medical, Inc. and adopts this policy to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”). For the purposes of this notice, NeoMed, Inc., its parent company, Avanos Medical, Inc., and all affil­i­ates and subsidiaries will be referred to as, “we,” “us,” and “our.”

Personal Information

Personal Information includes anything that iden­ti­fies, related to, describes, is capable of being asso­ci­ated with or could be reason­ably linked, directly or indi­rectly, with a partic­ular consumer or house­hold.

Personal Information does not include:

  • Health or medical infor­ma­tion covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA)
  • De-identified or aggre­gated consumer infor­ma­tion
  • Publicly avail­able infor­ma­tion from govern­ment records

Information That We Collect

We have collected the following Categories of Personal Information from consumers residing in California in the last twelve (12) months:

  • Identifiers:
    • Real name, alias, postal address, email address, home and/or cellular tele­phone number, Internet Protocol address
  • Internet or other similar network activity:
    • We place cookies on your computer to:
      • tell us the search term you used to find our site, if you used a search engine to find us (like Google)
      • to tell if you’re a repeat visitor
      • to track inter­ac­tions on our websites
    • Geolocation: we perform geolo­ca­tion targeting for adver­tising purposes (still need more details on this one)

Sources from Which we collect Personal Information

  • Consumers - We collect Personal Information that consumers provide us directly, whether through one of our websites, or other direct contact method
  • Websites - We collect Personal Information auto­mat­i­cally from users of our websites by conducting website analytics. We do so by using cookies and other tech­nolo­gies that help us under­stand how visi­tors use our sites and to help us improve them.  The Internet Protocol Address could allow us to deter­mine the phys­ical loca­tion of your computer. However, you may disable the cookies setting on your computer’s browser or mobile device if you wish to opt-out of us collecting such Personal Information.

Use of Personal Information

We may use or disclose Personal Information for one or more of the following busi­ness purposes:

  • To fulfill your request, respond to a ques­tion or other­wise assist with the reason you provided us with your Personal Information. For example, if you signed up for a newsletter, we will use your infor­ma­tion to send you newslet­ters until and unless you opt-out
  • To sign you up to partic­i­pate in a promo­tional event with one of our compa­nies, to provide you with infor­ma­tion about upcoming events
  • To disclose on our website or social media accounts your testi­mo­nial or stories concerning your inter­ac­tion with our prod­ucts with your consent
  • To provide you with impor­tant infor­ma­tion or updates about current and future prod­ucts or services
  • To enable us to carry out our contrac­tual oblig­a­tions or exer­cise our contrac­tual rights under any contract between you and us
  • To comply with any law enforce­ment request, or as other­wise required by applic­able law, govern­ment regu­la­tions or court order
  • To provide you with infor­ma­tion, prod­ucts or services
  • To under­stand how our website is used and to make improve­ments
  • To provide you with infor­ma­tion about upcoming events, event regis­tra­tions, or news and infor­ma­tion about us or our prod­ucts and services that may be of interest to you

Things We Do Not Do:

  • We do NOT know­ingly collect infor­ma­tion from any indi­vidual under 16 years of age
  • We do NOT sell your Personal Information
  • We will NOT collect Personal Information other than as disclosed above without first disclosing it to you and obtaining your consent

Service Providers

We disclose Personal Information to third-party service providers for the sole purpose of providing services to us. Example might include, but are not limited to issuing our newsletter, conducting website analytics, and assisting us with promo­tional and marketing activ­i­ties

Your Rights

  1. Right of Access and Data Portabilty

You have the right to request that we disclose certain infor­ma­tion to you about our collec­tion and use of your Personal Information over the last 12 months, as follows:

  • The cate­gories of Personal Information that we collect about you
  • The cate­gories of sources of the Personal Information
  • Our busi­ness purpose for collecting the Personal Information from you
  • The specific pieces of Personal Information that we collected from you
  • If we sold or disclosed any of your Personal Information
  1. Right to Deletion

You have the right to request that we delete the Personal Information that we have collected and retained about you, subject to certain excep­tions.  Once we have received and are able to confirm your veri­fi­able request, we will delete your personal data as requested, or direct our service providers to do so, unless an excep­tion applies.


We may deny your dele­tion request if your Personal Information is neces­sary to be main­tained by us or our service provider to:

  • Comply with an applic­able law, regu­la­tion, or law enforce­ment request
  • Allow the comple­tion of one or more trans­ac­tions with you which you have already requested or which we believe there is an oblig­a­tion to complete
  • Allow us to exer­cise our contrac­tual or other legal rights
  • Avoid damage to IT systems in which the Personal Information is stored
  • Allow us to continue to inves­ti­gate a poten­tial or actual breach of infor­ma­tion secu­rity, as long as the Personal Information itself is not compro­mised
  1. Exercising Your Rights

To exer­cise your rights, you may either:

Verifiable Requests

Only you or a person regis­tered with the California Secretary of State that you autho­rize to act on your behalf may make a veri­fi­able consumer request related to your Personal Information.

You may only make a veri­fi­able consumer request for access or data porta­bility twice within a 12-month period.

The veri­fi­able consumer request must:

  • Provide suffi­cient infor­ma­tion that allows us to reason­ably verify you are the person about whom we collected personal infor­ma­tion or an autho­rized repre­sen­ta­tive.
  • Describe your request with suffi­cient detail that allows us to prop­erly under­stand, eval­uate, and respond to it.

We cannot respond to your request or provide you with Personal Information if we cannot verify your iden­tity or authority to make the request and confirm the Personal Information relates to you. Making a veri­fi­able consumer - and accessing your rights - does not require you to make an account with us. We will only use Personal Information provided in a veri­fi­able consumer request to verify the requestor's iden­tity or authority to make the request.