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ENFit Compatible NeoConnect Cleaning Tool

The NeoMed feeding tube cap is a plugged design which closes the tube yet allows airflow through the hub. The NeoConnect system includes a patent-pending hub “cleaning tool” designed to help remove any residual material from the threads.

  • Starburst Options-02Failure to maintain hubs can impact connections and allow bacterial growth, necessitating more frequent feeding tube changes
  • Cleaning tool rotates 360° allowing two brushes to remove debris from the inner perimeter of the threads
  • Lumen plug blocks feeding tube opening during use
  • Disposable tool. Single use.
  • Can be used with cleaning agents (distilled water, saline, etc.) as prescribed by hospital protocols
  • The NeoConnect cleaning tool is designed to work with NeoConnect open hub feeding tubes

Product Description

Cleaning Tool - ENFit™ Compatible NeoConnect- ISO 80369-3 Standard

Product Code Description



PNM-CA Cleaning Tool




Cleaning Tool Instructions for use