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Collection Bottles & Transfer Lids

According to the guidelines offered by ASPEN, ADA, HMBANA, and others, proper breast milk collection, transfer, and delivery is essential for adhering to the standard of care. NeoMed’s nutrition collection and transfer products were designed to protect and preserve precious nutrition from the home to the hospital setting to meet the specific needs of the neonatal patient.

  • The NeoCollect bottle line offers clearly printed and accurate black gradients in 1 mL increments necessary for precise mixing and compounding
  • Our unique “concave” floor helps pool volume to a narrow area ideal for removal of every single drop of “liquid gold”
  • Universal threads fit most breast pump shields


Product Code Description

Item #


TL Transfer Lid 90001 200
SC-1EO 1 oz Collection Bottle w/ Lid 70001 100
SC-2EO 2 oz Collection Bottle w/ Lid 70002 40


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