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ENFit Compatible Tamper-Evident Caps

Tamper-evident solutions are an integral part of drug safety practices, providing “active deterrence” to potential abuse or misuse. Unlike tamper-evident tapes, bags, and wraps, our unique design provides a secure capture closure to help mitigate tampering. Concerns such as drug diversion are driving the need to secure and protect syringe contents. NeoMed’s Tamper-Evident Caps enhance the security of the syringe and its contents from the time the syringe leaves the pharmacy until the time it is dispensed.

  • Tampering is immediately evident when the colored outer sleeve is detached or missing
  • Filled syringes with caps intact can be returned to the pharmacy for recycling
  • Can help reduce touch contamination of syringe contents while providing evidence of access
  • Increases the confidence level for health care practitioners

ENFit Compatible Tamper-Evident Caps

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
814775 PNS-TENC ENFit Compatible Tamper-Evident Caps 1000