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Closed system administration is the clinical standard for the delivery of enteral feeds. The typical gravity feeding protocol is to use a standard syringe barrel and remove the plunger to facilitate flow. This method exposes the nutritional contents to air, breaching the closed system standard.

There is no place to put the plunger once it is removed. The plunger is often placed in a non-aseptic environment at the bedside, which may potentially expose the plunger to contamination.

NeoMed’s line of GravityPro Enteral Syringes offers the solution for gravity feeds.

Integrated Hanger
Securely mount the syringe using the integrated plunger hanger, with an expandable loop (20 mL) or large and small loop (100 mL) for use on most poles.

Pump Validated
NeoMed’s 20 mL GravityPro Oral/Enteral Syringe is validated for use with the Smiths Medical Medfusion 3500 and 4000, as well as the BBraun SPACE perfusor pumps.

Deliver All Contents
Upon feed completion, the plunger is still in the syringe and is a useful tool to administer any residual volume.

Vent Zone
The barrel vent zone facilitates flow while the plunger remains in place, removing the need for awkward cellophane barrel coverings.

Quality Material
NeoMed’s USP Class VI polypropylene material does not interfere with the delivery of lipids, a common limitation of bag deliveries. Our syringes are not made with natural rubber latex, BPA, or DEHP.

Cost Effective
Use GravityPro Syringes as gravity feeders or pump-validated enteral syringes for continuous or bolus feeds.

Recently, in an effort to stream­line product codes in prepa­ra­tion for the upcoming ENFit connector tran­si­tions, NeoMed has phased out our family of SD syringes to be replaced with the NM line of syringes. There is NO product differ­ence, they are iden­tical in perfor­mance and both are sterile. Below, please see a cross refer­ence including product descrip­tions.

Orange Sterile Individually Packaged Vented Oral/Enteral Syringes

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
10009 NM-S20 EOV 20 mL 100
10008 NM-S100EOV 100 mL 40


Purple Sterile Individually Packaged Vented Oral/Enteral Syringes

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
11009 PNM-S20 EOV 20 mL 100
11008 PNM-S100EOV 100 mL 40

GravityPro Instructions for use