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ENFit Compatible NeoConnect DoseMate and DoseMate DL

  • Dosing accuracy is maximized when ENFit compatible connectors are used throughout the process of filling, plunger operation and dispensing.
  • When attached to an ENFit pharmacy syringe, the DoseMate is designed to properly account for volume displacement providing accurate direct oral administration of medication.
  • Minimizes patient discomfort during delivery.
  • Single use device in sterile packaging.
  • Minimizes protocol changes by allowing ENFit pharmacy syringes to be used when administering medications orally. DoseMate is a critical component necessary for standardizing with ENFit devices that comply with GEDSA’s Position Statement on dosing accuracy.
  • Ergonomically designed for direct oral administration without introducing a choking hazard, in accordance with 16 CFR § 1501

Product Description

NeoConnect™ DoseMate™ Oral Administration Tip, ENFit™ Syringe Compatible


Product Code Description



POA-TNC DoseMate Oral Administration Tip



POA-TNCL DoseMate Directional Long




DoseMate Instructions for use

DoseMate DL Instructions for use