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ENFit Compatible NeoConnect NICU

Has your NICU identified a supplier that can deliver a solution that preserves your current feeding tube use protocols?

  • Do we only have 4 hours before EBM colonizes with bacteria?
  • How long might it take for bacteria to colonize the typical ENFit connector?
  • Is it important for our ENFit supplier to address cleaning to help reduce bacterial colonization?
  • Could there be a clinical impact on a preemie from use of feeding tubes that cannot be cleaned effectively?
  • Could clinical outcomes be impacted by the ENFit supplier we choose?
  • Can we keep current feeding tube protocols?
  • Might feeding tubes need to be changed more often?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, NeoMed’s NeoConnect™ solution is for you.


Product Description

NeoConnect for the NICU,  including General prod­ucts, acces­sories, DoseMate and Coupler