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ENFit Compatible NeoConnect Syringe-to-Syringe Coupler

  • Allows for patient-specific dosing from pre-filled syringes
  • Connects two NeoConnect syringes for transfer or mixing
  • Facilitates patient-specific dosing from another NeoConnect syringe
  • Helps comply with some controlled substance disposal protocols

NeoConnect Syringe-to-Syringe Coupler

Joins NeoConnect Female to NeoConnect Female

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
810101 PCO-FNC ENFit Syringe-to-Syringe Coupler, Sterile, Purple, Tray Product 100
810102 PCO-FNC-NS ENFit Syringe-to-Syringe Coupler, Non-Sterile Bulk Pack, Purple 100