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NeoMed Medfusion Enteral Ready Pump Solution

From the syringe pump to the feeding tube, NeoMed delivers an Enteral Safety Solution designed to meet clinical best practice recommendations.

  • Single solution for higher volume nutrition needs of NICU/PICU patients
  • Orange or purple faceplate options allow for color coordination with NeoMed’s enteral safety system
  • Visual differentiation from common parenteral or IV lines
  • NeoMed enteral library, now including the newly characterized 100 mL GravityPro syringe
  • Protection from possible off label use from noncharacterized syringes

"When using syringe pumps in NICU, pumps should be clearly distinct from syringe pumps used for IV medications. Ideally, they should be different in appearance, different model, color, etc.”
Staebler, Suzanne. Enteral Feeding Misconnections in the NICU: A Continuing Patient Safety Threat. Advances in Neonatal Care. 2013; 13: 447-453.

"Use distinctly different pumps for IV applications (rather than using similar pumps for intrathecal and/or epidural applications) to reduce the possibility that an intrathecal medication will accidentally be delivered intravenously and vice versa."
The Joint Commission. “Managing Risk during Transition to New ISO Tubing Connector Standards. Sentinel Event Alert 53 (2014).

NeoMed Medfusion v6 3500 Enteral Ready Pump

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
65001 EP-M3500 PUMP Enteral Pump, Medfusion V6 3500
with NeoMed Enteral Library and Color Coded Faceplate

NeoMed Enteral Pump Solution Sheet