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NeoMed Medfusion
Enteral Ready Pump Solution

When it comes to breast­milk delivery, every drop matters. From the syringe pump to the feeding tube, NeoMed delivers an Enteral Safety Solution designed to comply with clin­ical best prac­tice recom­men­da­tions. Deliver it safely, accu­rately, and completely with NeoMed’s enteral safety solu­tion, featuring the Medfusion 3500 V6 Enteral Ready Pump and NeoMed Enteral Library.

  • Protection from possible off label use from non-characterized syringes
  • Precise infu­sion volumes to +/-2% accu­racy
  • A single solu­tion for the nutri­tion delivery needs of NICU/PICU patients
  • Meets Joint Commission recom­men­da­tions for enteral feeding
  • Visual differ­en­ti­a­tion from common parenteral or IV lines
NeoMed Medfusion Enteral Pump Screen
The NeoMed Enteral Library
displays char­ac­ter­ized NeoMed syringes on the pump screen
NeoMed Medfusion Orange and Purple Faceplates
Orange or purple face­plates for clear enteral iden­ti­fi­ca­tion
100 mL GravityPro Syringe
Now including the newly-characterized 100 mL GravityPro syringe
Validated NeoConnect Syringes for NeoMed Medfusion Enteral Pump
Portfolio of char­ac­ter­ized NeoConnect and Legacy syringes in sizes ranging from 6 mL to 100 mL
100 mL NeoConnect Orange

Now featuring Legacy and NeoConnect 100 mL syringes for large volume nutrition delivery

  • Lower priming volume
  • Cost-effective
  • Continuity of care for all volume feeds
  • Standardization of syringe pump tech­nology
  • Offset tip delivers lipids first without tilting pump and voiding the warranty

Why use NeoMed's 100 mL syringe instead of an enteral delivery bag?

  • There is signif­i­cantly lower priming volume compared to giving sets used with bags
  • Lipids may adhere to the sides of the feeding bag, contributing to lipid loss
  • NeoMed’s offset tip syringe design delivers valu­able lipids first, while enteral feeding bags deliver lipids last due to their upright orien­ta­tion
  • NeoMed 100 mL syringes and exten­sion sets are more cost-effective than many enteral feeding bag sets
  • Fat loss is greater when human milk is admin­is­tered with a vertical feeding bag, compared to a hori­zontal syringe*

*Rayyan, Maissa, et al. “The Fate of Fat: Pre-Exposure Fat Losses during Nasogastric Tube Feeding in Preterm Newborns.” Nutrients, vol. 7, no. 8, 2015, pp. 6213–6223., doi:10.3390/nu7085279.

“Use distinctly different pumps for IV applications (rather than using similar pumps for intrathecal and/or epidural applications) to reduce the possibility that an intrathecal medication will accidentally be delivered intravenously and vice versa.”

The Joint Commission. “Managing Risk during Transition to New ISO Tubing Connector Standards.” Sentinel Event Alert 53 (2014).

NeoMed Medfusion v6 3500 Enteral Ready Pump

Item # Product Code Description
65001 EP-M3500 PUMP Enteral Pump, Medfusion V6 3500 with NeoMed Enteral Library
n/a IS-SFW Cloning Pump
n/a IS-SFW100ML Cloning Pump; 100 mL Only
n/a IS-SFWSUB Per Pump for Subsequent Units

Pole Clamp

Item # Product Code
NeoMed Enteral Pump Solution Sheet