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Tamper-Evident Caps

Drug diver­sion concerns are driving the need to secure and protect syringe contents. NeoMed’s Tamper-Evident Caps enhance the secu­rity of the syringe and its contents from the time it leaves the phar­macy until the time it is dispensed. Standardize your phar­macy with NeoMed Tamper-Evident Caps to ensure
compat­i­bility and protocol consis­tency.

  • Tamper-evident solu­tions are an inte­gral part of drug safety prac­tices
  • Cost-effective solu­tion to help protect against drug diver­sion of morphine, methadone, and other controlled substances
  • Helps main­tain secu­rity
Tamper Evident Cap Broken Sleeve
Makes tampering imme­di­ately evident when the colored outer sleeve is broken
Oral Tamper Evident Caps
Tamper evidence proto­cols may help your phar­macy comply with DEA and USP guide­lines
ENFit Tamper Evident Caps

Available for both NeoMed Oral Tip Syringes and NeoConnect syringes for ENFit

Tamper-Evident Caps for Oral/Enteral Syringes

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
NM-5775 NM-5775 Tamper-Evident Caps for Oral/Enteral Syringes 1000

Oral Tip Tamper-Evident Caps are not a universal fit. Designed exclu­sively for NeoMed Oral Tip Syringes.

Tamper-Evident Caps Sheet