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Urinary Catheters & Kits

When it is necessary to measure urinary output, the NeoMed Urinary Drainage Kit is the answer.

Silicone Urinary Catheters

Item # Product Code Size Units per Case
36090 UC3.5 3.5 Fr 10
36091 UC5.0 5.0 Fr 10
36092 UC6.5 6.5 Fr 10
36093 UC8.0 8.0 Fr 10


These prod­ucts are not CE Marked and are not avail­able for sale in Europe.

Urinary Kits

Item # Product Code Description Units per Case
UK72100 UK Closed Urinary Kit, no Catheter 5
UK72101 UK3.5 Urinary Kit with 3.5 Fr Catheter 5
UK72102 UK5.0 Urinary Kit with 5.0 Fr Catheter 5
UK72103 UK6.5 Urinary Kit with 6.5 Fr Catheter 5
UK72104 UK8.0 Urinary Kit with 8.0 Fr Catheter 5
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