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ENFit Training Modules for NeoConnect

Module 1: Introduction

ENFit Training Modules for NeoConnect

This curriculum was devel­oped as an essen­tial resource to assist clin­i­cians during tran­si­tion to ENFit, and to help enhance patient outcome by addressing essen­tial topics such as:

  • Compliance with GEDSA Guidelines to admin­ister low volume doses using the Low Dose Tip Syringe
  • Impact of the moat during small volume doses to preserve dose accu­racy
  • Identifying protocol changes
  • Maintaining current processes
  • Enhancing produc­tivity
  • Maximizing ease of use
  • Feeding tube hub cleaning proce­dures that support ASPEN recom­men­da­tions

Module 2: Collection

Module 3: Filling for the NICU

Module 4: Filling for the Pharmacy

Module 5: Dispensing Nutrition and Medication at the Bedside in the NICU

Medication Filling and Administration with NeoConnect Inservice Poster

Enteral Feeding with NeoConnect Inservice Poster

Breastmilk Bottle Transfer Lids Inservice Poster

Leading Black Edge Pharmacy

Leading Black Edge for Pharmacy Inservice Poster